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How Do You Treat Bunion Pain?
Published: 06/24/2014

A Bunion is a bump that develops on the side of the big toe joint and can occur at any age. Bunions most commonly occur as a result of muscular and tendon imbalances in the foot and can be associated...Read more >>

Congratulations to Dr. Louis for his years of service!
Published: 06/18/2014

Dr. Louis Jimenez has been in private practice for over 36 years, serving patient in the metro-Atlanta area. In addition to lecturing nationally, Dr. Jimenez participates in the training of local...Read more >>

Doctoring… in the family - Drs Jimenez
Published: 06/18/2014
Dr Louis Jimenez

In 1978, the Jimenez family put down roots in Snellville. It was a very small town then and the medical profession was just beginning to blossom. Prior to new doctors arriving, most folks had to...


Looking for a Foot Doctor or considering Foot Surgery in Lithonia, Georgia? Formerly Gwinnett Foot, Ankle and Leg, Primera Foot & Ankle Centers serves patients from Lithonia as our office is just down Highway 124 in Snellville. The Foot Specialist of Primera concentrate on foot and ankle pain, and particularly with bunion pain. If conservative treatments do not alleviate your pain, we specialize in bunion surgery including bunionectomy! Our board certified foot and ankle doctors in Snellville provide compassionate and thorough care to patients in the surrounding communities including Decatur, Stone Mountain, and Grayson.



Heading towards Snellville from Lithonia, our office is parallel to Scenic Highway 124 and close to Highway 78. Parking is always available free of charge!

Dr. A. Louis Jimenez, DPM
Dr. Dorian Jimenez, DPM
Dr. Margo Jimenez-Menke, DPM
Dr. Christopher Menke, DPM

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A bunion, (medical term: Hallux Abducto Valgus) is a condition that includes a boney prominence or " Bump" along the inside of the foot at the big toe joint. There is typically some degree of mal alignment or abnormal position of the big toe as it compresses against and leans on the second toe. In severe cases (see the Primera Hall of Bunions) the second toe can rest on top of the big toe! Additionally, most people develop extra bone that contributes to the enlarged "Bump" on the side of the foot. Add it all up and you have the make up of a classic Bunion


Alpharetta Bunion Surgery

  • Thank you so much! The pain in my right big toe joint has relief after my 2nd laser treatment. Thank you!!!

    MLS Laser Treatment for Pain

    Sheliah C., 6.6.14

  • Everything and everyone was fantastic! Your staff is top notch, surgery was great, recovery is going very well. Will recommend you for sure! Dr. Dorian is awesome!!! Thank you so much!

    Bunion Surgery

    Donna K., 12.20.13

  • He was an incredible doctor. He got to the root of my issues and made sure that I had some relief before leaving. He has a wonderful demeanor and you can tell he loves what he does.

    Heel Pain

    Lynisha M., 10.22.13