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How Do You Treat Bunion Pain?

Published: 06/24/2014

A Bunion is a bump that develops on the side of the big toe joint and can occur at any age. Bunions most commonly occur as a result of muscular and tendon imbalances in the foot and can be associated in individuals with extreme foot types such as a flat foot or high arch. Since bunions are typically passed down from family members, you may not have to look very far to see if you are at risk for developing a bunion! Depending on the symptoms, many bunions can be treated without surgery.  Shoe...Read more >>

Congratulations to Dr. Louis for his years of service!

Published: 06/18/2014

Dr. Louis Jimenez has been in private practice for over 36 years, serving patient in the metro-Atlanta area. In addition to lecturing nationally, Dr. Jimenez participates in the training of local foot and ankle surgical residents at the DeKalb Medical Advanced Foot and Ankle Surgical Residency Program and at the Atlanta Veterans Affair Hospital Foot & Ankle Residency Program. Dr. Jimenez also participates in an annual surgical mission trip to Central America through the practice's non-profit...Read more >>

Doctoring… in the family - Drs Jimenez

Published: 06/18/2014
Dr Louis Jimenez

In 1978, the Jimenez family put down roots in Snellville. It was a very small town then and the medical profession was just beginning to blossom. Prior to new doctors arriving, most folks had to travel to be seen by most specialists.