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We have taken podiatry to a true, state-of-the-art level with cutting edge laser therapies, elite aesthetic treatments and our exclusive medical foot spa, all part of Primera Laser & Med Spa. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your feet and legs, we offer aesthetic treatments that are relatively painless for the reduction of age spots, scars, hair, and varicose or spider veins. READ MORE

Foot & Ankle

Primera Foot & Ankle Centers, a branch of Primera Health Group, pride themselves on their focus of foot and ankle aesthetics. In addition to using the latest in surgical cosmetic techniques, we offer patients the foremost in laser technology and health spa novelties. Our physicians are board certified in both forefoot and rearfoot cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. READ MORE

Primera Foot Spa

At Primera Foot & Ankle Centers (Perimeter location) you can enjoy a luxurious, and waterless  foot pampering. All services are physician designed for the highest level of medically safe pedicures. Vitamin enriched, anti-fungal polishes and our exclusive spa products provide the ultimate in skin and nail care. Your feet and spirit will be rejuvenated!  READ MORE

Welcome to Primera Health Group

Our mission at Primera Health Group is to create a first class health-care experience in a progressive environment.  Serving patients in Atlanta and nearby Gwinnett County, the Primera Foot & Ankle Centers are led by superiorly trained, highly skilled surgeons.  As Atlanta’s total foot center, we’re taking podiatry to an innovative, state-of-the-art level with cutting edge laser therapies, elite aesthetic treatments and our exclusive medical foot spa.  We offer the most up-to-date foot and ankle surgical procedures, use the latest technology and offer an unparalleled experience.


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Atlanta's Total Foot Center

  • Thank you so much! The pain in my right big toe joint has relief after my 2nd laser treatment. Thank you!!!

    MLS Laser Treatment for Pain

    Sheliah C., 6.6.14

  • Everything and everyone was fantastic! Your staff is top notch, surgery was great, recovery is going very well. Will recommend you for sure! Dr. Dorian is awesome!!! Thank you so much!

    Bunion Surgery

    Donna K., 12.20.13

  • He was an incredible doctor. He got to the root of my issues and made sure that I had some relief before leaving. He has a wonderful demeanor and you can tell he loves what he does.

    Heel Pain

    Lynisha M., 10.22.13

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Offering Cutting Edge Treatments in Podiatry

Remove Hair, Veins and Age Spots

Remove Hair, Veins and Age Spots

Dr. Morris is a certified provider in the use of the Cutera Xeo laser platform for laser removal of warts, varicose and spider veins, hemangiomas, laser hair removal, ablation of brown age spots and pigmented skin lesions.

Solve Excess Foot Sweating

Solve Excess Foot Sweating

For patients with excessive foot sweating, known medically as hyperhidrosis, injectable BOTOX® is used in the bottoms of the feet to prevent the condition.

Get Relief from High Heel Pain

Get Relief from High Heel Pain

Dr. Jason Morris uses the Pedi Clouds Rx procedure with Sculptra™ to replace or enhance the fat pad in the bottom of the feet with a single treatment.

Stop Nail Fungus Infections

Stop Nail Fungus Infections

Dr. Morris currently uses PinPointe FootLaser and Cutera Laser Genesis, the most advanced lasers now available and FDA cleared for treatment of nail fungus infections. Laser treatment for nail fungus has been clinically proven, safe and effective, posing none of the risks and harmful side effects of oral anti-fungal medications.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

KeryFlex Nail Restoration

KeryFlex is a safe in-office application that restores the appearance of patient’s natural nails affected by nail disorders such as fungus, injury, diabetes, infections, ingrown nails, psoriasis, onychogryphosis, beau’s lines, koilonychia, and chronic polyarthritis.

We Work For You

In an industry that is continually evolving and where customer service is rare, our mission is not easy. Yet we have dedicated our business model around a vision that challenges the way medicine is practiced and redefines the way surgery is experienced. At Primera Health Group, we believe in thinking differently. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, as our goal is to give you the ultimate experience in quality care. The way we challenge the healthcare evolution is by offering the most up-to-date surgical procedures, use cutting edge technology, and offer a first-rate experience. We just happen to do great surgery with a passion for customer service.


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